Small Kitchen Ideas With Island

Small Kitchen Island Ideas 20+ Inspiring Designs on a Budget
Small Kitchen Island Ideas 20+ Inspiring Designs on a Budget from


A small kitchen can be challenging to design, especially if you want to include an island. However, with the right ideas, you can transform your small kitchen into a functional and stylish space. In this article, we will discuss some small kitchen ideas with an island that can help you make the most of your limited space.

1. Choose a Compact Island

When it comes to small kitchen islands, size matters. You don’t want an island that takes up too much space and makes it difficult to move around the kitchen. Instead, choose a compact island that provides storage and workspace without overwhelming the room. Look for an island with a slim profile and a small footprint.

2. Add Storage

One of the main benefits of a kitchen island is the extra storage it provides. In a small kitchen, storage is crucial. Look for an island with built-in storage, such as cabinets, drawers, or shelves. This will help you keep your kitchen organized and clutter-free.

3. Create a Multi-Functional Island

In a small kitchen, you need to make the most of every inch of space. That’s why a multi-functional island is an excellent idea. Consider an island that can serve as a prep station, breakfast bar, and storage unit. This will help you maximize your space and make your kitchen more functional.

4. Use Light Colors

Light colors can make a small kitchen feel more spacious. When choosing an island, go for a light-colored finish, such as white or light wood. This will help the island blend in with the rest of the kitchen and create a cohesive look.

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5. Consider a Portable Island

If you have a small kitchen and don’t want to commit to a permanent island, consider a portable island. These islands are on wheels, so you can move them around the kitchen as needed. They provide extra workspace and storage, but you can easily store them away when you don’t need them.

6. Add Seating

An island with seating can provide a space for casual meals or a spot to chat with friends while you cook. In a small kitchen, you don’t want to take up too much space with seating, so look for an island with a built-in bench or stools that can be tucked away when not in use.

7. Incorporate Lighting

Good lighting is essential in any kitchen, but it’s especially important in a small space. Consider adding lighting to your island, such as pendant lights or under-cabinet lighting. This will help brighten up your kitchen and make it feel more spacious.

8. Use Open Shelving

Open shelving can make a small kitchen feel more open and airy. Consider adding open shelves to your island for a place to display dishes or store frequently used items. This will help you save space in your cabinets and make your kitchen feel more organized.

9. Make the Island a Focal Point

In a small kitchen, the island can be a focal point that adds visual interest. Consider choosing an island with a unique design or a bold color that stands out. This will help draw the eye and create a stylish look in your kitchen.

10. Keep it Simple

Finally, when designing a small kitchen with an island, it’s important to keep it simple. Don’t try to cram too much into your space. Choose an island that provides the functionality you need without overwhelming the room. Keep the design clean and simple for a space that feels cohesive and organized.

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A small kitchen doesn’t have to be a limitation. With the right ideas, you can design a functional and stylish space that makes the most of your limited square footage. By incorporating a small kitchen island, you can add extra storage and workspace while creating a focal point that adds visual interest. Use these small kitchen ideas with an island to transform your space into a beautiful and functional kitchen.

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